How to Clean Acrylic Coffee Table?

Having an acrylic coffee table at home can be a fun way to add a modern and stylish accent to your living room. Acrylic furniture is all the rage right now for its futuristic and …

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Having an acrylic coffee table at home can be a fun way to add a modern and stylish accent to your living room. Acrylic furniture is all the rage right now for its futuristic and sleek look.

However, keeping an acrylic table looking its best requires some special care and cleaning methods. Acrylic is plastic, so it can scratch and scuff easily if not cleaned properly.

Follow this guide to learn the best tips and tricks for keeping your acrylic coffee table sparkling clean.

Supplies You’ll Need

Cleaning an acrylic table is a delicate operation. You’ll want to have these supplies on hand:

  • Microfiber cloths: These ultra-soft cloths are perfect for wiping down acrylic without scratching. They also help to polish the surface.
  • Mild soap: Look for a gentle liquid hand or dish soap without dyes or perfumes. Dishwashing liquid works in a pinch.
  • Water: Lukewarm water is best. Avoid hot water, which can warp the acrylic.
  • Isopropyl alcohol: For stubborn smudges, use a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution.
  • Acrylic polish: This specialty plastic polish adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Soft bristle brush: Helpful for working cleaning solution into crevices.

Avoid using paper towels, abrasive sponges, and certainly no ammonia-based cleaners, as these can damage acrylic.

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Step-by-Step Cleaning Instructions

Follow these steps to safely clean and care for your acrylic coffee table:

1. Dust the Table

First, remove any loose dust or dirt from the table’s surface and crevices. Wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth. This prevents that gritty dust from scratching the acrylic as you clean.

2. Make a Mild Soap Solution

Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water. Add a small squirt of mild, dye-free soap. Shake gently to mix.

3. Spray and Wipe with the Soap Solution

Lightly mist the acrylic surface with the soap solution, then wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth. Avoid using too much liquid, which can pool and leave streaks.

Work in small sections to clean the entire table. Rinse the cloth as needed.

Tip: If any area is very dirty, let the soap solution sit for a minute to help loosen the grime before wiping.

4. Rinse with a Damp Cloth

Wipe over the table again using just a damp cloth and clean water. This helps remove any soap residues that can streak or build up over time.

5. Dry and Polish the Surface

After cleaning, it’s important to fully dry and polish the acrylic. Use a fresh dry microfiber cloth and buff in light circles. This prevents water spots and restores the table’s shine.

6. Touch Up with Alcohol for Stubborn Marks

If any oily fingerprints or smudges remain, use a microfiber lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol. Rub gently on the marks, and they’ll disappear like magic.

7. Apply Acrylic Polish for Added Protection

Every month or so, treat the table to some acrylic polish. This adds an extra protective barrier that repels dust and fingerprints. Just apply a small dab, then buff it out thinly and evenly with a soft cloth according to the label directions.

Handy Tips for Keeping Your Acrylic Table Beautiful

With a little care, an acrylic coffee table can look amazing for many years. Follow these tips:

  • Use tablecloths and coasters to protect the surface from hot dishes and spills. Acrylic can crack under extreme heat.
  • Never use harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, or abrasive cleaners, as these will damage and cloud the acrylic.
  • Lift objects to move them, rather than dragging them across the table, which can result in hairline scratches.
  • Dust frequently with a microfiber cloth to prevent dirt from accumulating.
  • Avoid placing extremely heavy objects on the table, which can cause dents.
  • Position the table away from direct sunlight, which can potentially fade the acrylic over time.
  • Consider applying a thin silicone or acrylic furniture wax to add extra scratch protection, if desired.

Answering Common Questions

Acrylic furniture requires specialized care. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about cleaning acrylic tables:

1. Is it okay to use Windex or glass cleaner?

No, you’ll want to avoid glass cleaners, which can streak and leave a residue. Stick to mild soap and water instead.

2. How can I restore cloudy or scratched acrylic?

Light cloudiness can be removed with plastic polish. For deeper scratches, you may need to use fine grit sandpaper and polish out the scratches. Prevention is key to avoiding scratches!

3. Should I use a protective tablecloth?

Yes, a fitted tablecloth can help protect the surface from accidental spills and scratches. Just take it off periodically to clean the acrylic underneath.

4. Why avoid ammonia-based cleaners?

Ammonia can react with the acrylic surface, causing cracks and a cloudy appearance over time. Mild dish soap diluted in water is the safest option.

5. How often should it be cleaned?

Aim to clean an acrylic coffee table once a week. Quick daily wipe-downs with a microfiber cloth also help prevent buildup.

Caring for Your Acrylic Table

Acrylic furniture makes a gorgeous, eye-catching addition to any room. But unlike wood or glass, acrylic requires some TLC to keep it looking pristine. By using only the gentlest cleaners and polishes meant for plastic surfaces, you can keep your acrylic coffee table sparkling for many years to come. With the proper care, your table will maintain its crystal clear optical quality without getting scratched or damaged. So don’t be afraid to incorporate acrylic into your home decor – just be sure to follow these cleaning techniques and prevention tips!

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“With the right care and maintenance, acrylic furniture can look brand new for life.”


Cleaning and caring for an acrylic coffee table is simple as long as you follow a gentle routine. By using non-abrasive microfiber cloths, mild liquid soap, and plastic polish, you can safely remove dirt and restore clarity without scratching the acrylic surface. And taking steps like using coasters, applying wax, and keeping the table away from direct sunlight will help prevent damage. With this acrylic cleaning guide, you’ll be able to keep your modern coffee table looking like new for decades.

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