How to Decorate Glass Coffee Table

Yo! What’s up, home decor homies! Today we’re gonna talk about how to style your clear glass coffee table and make that thing pop. Glass tables can look sleek AF, but they can also easily …

black glass coffee table and some decoration pieces on table

Yo! What’s up, home decor homies! Today we’re gonna talk about how to style your clear glass coffee table and make that thing pop. Glass tables can look sleek AF, but they can also easily start looking bare real quick.

So I’m gonna drop some knowledge bombs on how you can decorate your glass coffee table in dope ways. We’ll look at using trays, books, flowers, and more to spruce up your living space. Let’s get into it!

Pick Dope Trays for Styling

pick dope trays on glass table

One of the best ways to decorate a glass coffee table is by using decorative trays. They instantly add some pizzazz and personality.

Here are some tray tips:

  • Go for trays made of natural materials like wood, marble, concrete, or rattan to add organic texture. Metallic ones like brass, copper, and gold are also fire for a glam look.
  • Look for trays with cool geometric shapes, patterns, or embellishments to make a statement.
  • Play with scale – use one large statement tray or a few smaller ones stacked together.
  • Use trays to corral smaller decor pieces like candles, plants, coffee table books, etc. It contains the look and prevents clutter.
  • Float the tray on the table rather than letting it sit directly on the glass. This creates a layered, elevated look.
  • Angling or slightly hanging the tray off the table adds visual interest.
  • Switch up the trays seasonally or when you want a new vibe.

Style With Stacked Coffee Table Books

books on coffee table

Image source: House of Harper

Books are like the ultimate cozy home accessory. Stack some photobooks, cookbooks, travel guides, and other coffee table books on your glass top for an effortlessly chic look.

Pro tips:

  • Choose a mix of bound books in different sizes and orientations. Square and horizontal books look great.
  • Add bookends to keep stacks neat and upright. Metallic, leather, or ceramic bookends look sick.
  • Layer books with decor pieces like small plants or candles for dimension.
  • Use books related to your interests – travel, fashion, architecture, etc.
  • Books with colorful or graphic covers stand out against the clear glass.
  • Swap books out seasonally or when you want a fresh look.

Get Fresh With Plants

plants on coffee table

Plants instantly liven up any space and look mad cute on a glass coffee table. From succulents to trailing vines, there are endless options to green up your living room.

Plant power moves:

  • Go for low-maintenance plants if you have a black thumb. Succulents, pothos, or snake plants are great starters.
  • Match pot colors to your decor – metallic, pastel, bright, natural, etc.
  • Play with plant heights by combining tall and short varieties.
  • Cluster a few small plants together for greater visual impact.
  • Let vining plants like philodendrons trail down off the table edge.
  • Use plant stands or plant blocks to raise pots off the table surface.
  • Rotate plants to keep them looking fresh. Move them outdoors in nice weather.

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Light It Up With Candles

candles on glass coffee table

Image source: Brides

Candles set a warm glowy mood and look banging on glass tables. Whether you go for bold decorative pillars or a cluster of skinny tapers, they’ll provide a pool of pretty flickers.

Bright candle ideas:

  • Choose pillar candles in eye-catching colors or prints to pop against the clear surface.
  • Opt for candles scented with relaxing or invigorating essential oils. Eucalyptus and citrus are amazing.
  • Use candle holders in mercury glass, gold, marble, or other luxe materials.
  • Vary candle heights for dimension – mix tall pillars with shorter votives.
  • Candles with wood wicks that crackle when lit add soothing sounds.
  • Group candles together into asymmetrical arrangements for maximal coziness.
  • Carefully place candles on flat glass trays or mirrored platters for added shine.

Layer With Decorative Accents

Layer With Decorative Accents on glass coffee table

Finally, pull your glass coffee table look together by layering in cool decorative objects. This creates visual interest and brings in personality.

Dope decorative ideas:

  • Display meaningful objects like souvenirs when traveling, event tickets, sea glass/rocks collected outdoors, etc.
  • Add metallic accents like trays, candleholders, vases, or trinket boxes for sheen.
  • Arrange decor in clustered asymmetrical groupings for depth.
  • Fiddle leaf figurines, ceramic animal statues, or other kitschy statues are cute.
  • Stack decorative boxes of different sizes together.
  • Include natural touches like stone/wood coasters, seashells, or an indoor water fountain.
  • Rotate accent pieces seasonally or as you pick up new fun Finds.

Whether you take a minimalist or maximalist approach to style, following these pro tips will take your glass coffee table from drab to fab. Have fun and get creative mixing different textures, colors, and materials. Switch it up to keep your space feeling fresh. Happy decorating!

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Table Comparing Decor Techniques

Decor Technique Pros Cons
Tray Styling Adds color/texture, contains clutter, creates layers Can look cluttered if too much stuff
Books Warm, inviting, easy styling Not as practical with kids
Plants Brings life and greenery, cleans air Need sunlight, proper care
Candles Sets a mood, adds coziness Fire hazard if unattended
Accent Decor Personalizes space, visual interest Clutter if too many items

FAQs About Decorating Glass Coffee Tables

Still, have some Q’s about styling your see-through coffee table? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

1. What are good tray sizes for a coffee table?

For a standard rectangular coffee table, rectangular trays around 16″-20″ long work well. For a round table, circular trays about 16″-24″ in diameter are a good pick. Have fun mixing different sizes too.

2. How many books should I stack?

3-5 books stacked together looks great. If you have the space, create a couple of stacks with varying heights for dimension. For small tables, 1-2 stacks with 2 books each do the trick.

3. Where should I position the plants?

Place small plants on the ends or back corners of the table to anchor the look. Set larger statement plants off-centered, angled on the table rather than directly in the middle. Let them trail over the edges for a waterfall effect.

4. How can I prevent water damage?

Use coasters under drinks and place candles/plants on trays to catch any water. Pick plants that don’t require frequent watering. Water plants over the sink and let excess drain before putting it back on the table.

5. Should I avoid glass tables if I have kids/pets?

Not necessarily! Just avoid fragile objects that can break or get knocked over easily. And look for heavy glass tables rather than super lightweight ones that are prone to tipping. Kids can actually enjoy decorating too!


Glass coffee tables can make a beautiful statement in your living space. But without anything on them, they can end up looking empty and boring pretty quickly. By layering on decor pieces like trays, books, plants, and candles, you can create a styled coffee table that expresses your personal taste. Experiment with different textures, colors, and materials for a look that sparks joy. Changing up your decor seasonally keeps the space feeling fresh. With these pro tips, you can turn your plain glass coffee table into a beautiful showcase that welcomes you home. Get ready to relax at a coffee table you can’t stop staring at.

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